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Extend the lifetime of your delicates, No more lost socks!

Set of 4 Wash-Bags

2 Styles Available : Cozy Basics & Cozy Color

100% High-Quality Mesh

The Sets contain each 4 wash bags: 2 LARGE bags (40 cm X 50 cm) and 2 MEDIUM bags 30 cm x 40cm). CozyDOM Wash Bags will bring more efficiency and better results to your laundry routine. Here's what's so great about our Wash Bags and why you should use those every time you do the laundry:


    Protect Your Fine Clothes In The Washing machine With Luxurious, Robust, Zippered Mesh.


    These robust strong bags extend the life of your delicate garments through hundreds of wash cycles.


    Pre-sort laundry into bags to save time and be highly efficient - never lose those socks again!


    CozyDOM's set of 4 multi-size bags(2 Large Bags of 40cm X 50cm and 2 Medium Bags30cm x 40cm) works for more than just bras and undergarments. Our bags are great for protecting sweaters, baby clothes, delicate dresses and shirts in the spin cycle. Also they are great to contain articles with metallic elements (zippers, buttons...) or articles like jeans (that can become "abrasive" while wet) that could damage softer textiles like the ones of t-shirts, bed lines...


    We offer a No-Questions-Asked refund!

    We stand behind our promise of selling a Premium Garment Protection Wash Bag. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with our laundry bags, we'll refund you the full price.

Visit our AMAZON store