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the clean, the clutter-free cozyness

Small things, better results

At CozyDOM we believe that sometimes the little everyday objects can help us beyond their main function and even our own expectations. Take our Wash Bags!

You couldn't figure how can a Wash Bag bring that much change into your everyday life... But we've seen theses "babies" in action! Families with kids and teenagers love them especially because is soo much easier to collect dirty socks and laundry from each member without mispairing, loosing socks and other garments...Those with newborns know that those tiny garments can go down the washing machine drain and voilĂ ...the washing machine needs to be repaired...

Nomads & frequent travelers won't find a better way to keep their dirty laundry and also organize their suitcases - as a second usage think how well you shoes, small garments and other objects you might want to contain...No wonder that customers reorder!

We think that our high-quality bags are trully amazing! Their strong fabric will make them last for a long time while extenting the life of your clothes, sparing your washing machine of "sneaking" socks, avoid chasing small garments inside pillow cases and duvet covers, containing the dirty clothes while travel...

What our customers say about our Wash Bags on Amazon France store * and the Amazon UK recently launched store :

"I use these bags to keep my socks together while washing and finally I have all my socks after washing haha. Also I put my bra in the bag just to protect the drum against tiny bra clips wich can be stock in the drum."

"I've ordered these bags because after my son was born many socks were missing and I suspect my washing machine to have eaten those. "*

"So I was really glad to see when these arrived that the two bigger bags are just that, big!(...)You can tell these are great quality as there are a few touches that just push them up into that premium range. They have rustless zippers, there are no threads hanging off them around the zipper and there is a little tab where the zip closes to make sure the zip stays closed in the wash. All great features that make these bags that little bit better than any I've used before. They look built to last and I look forward to having these for a long time."

"Very satisfied about these Washing Bags. I absolutely recommend these!"*

"I'm thrilled about my purchase!"*

"It separates well the laundry and we win time!"*

*Translations from French